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Rumor Nightclub offers one of the most exciting event spaces in Philadelphia. It encompasses 10,000 square feet divided into four sleek and sophisticated rooms. Each features a different look, feel and texture which dazzles with an assortment of regal colors, colorful prints and state of the art lighting and sound. Each room offers a full service bar and an ambiance which leaves you feeling as though you have been transported to a members-only destination.

Event Spaces


The New York Room houses the main dance floor and where headlining DJ’s perform. There is a DJ podium on one end of the room and a bar on the other. Pedestals for dancers are also available.


During normal operations, this room is used as a private room for VIP bottle service. It has its own private bar. It’s located in the center of the nightclub, with all other rooms revolving around it. Typically the music in the Vault is the same as the New York Room.


Located between the New York Room and the Vault, the Lev Room typically plays a different type of music during normal operations. This room has its own bar as well, and also houses two bottle service tables.


The Main Room features a long light-up bar and a large round table which fits about fifteen to twenty guests. During normal operations, the same music is also played as the New York Room and the Vault.

Reception: 550

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